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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Purchase My Product with My Credit Card

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How Do I check Out using my credit or debit card..

Once you have selected your product you will get a screen similar to this one.




If you click on the check out button for Credit Cards you screen will look like the one below  or;


If you pressed the PayPal button you will receive a screen like this



If you accidentally pressed the PayPal and you have a credit card only and do not want to pay with PayPal you can click on the

Don't have a PayPal Account? located on the right side of that screen below the Log In Button

Once you press that link you will get the original credit card screen to fill out completely for your purchase.

The information on your items that you are purchasing will be on the left for your review as you proceed to fill in all the information for your purchase.

That page again looks like this.


After You  have filled in all the information like it is shown below.



Once filled out click on the continue button below the email address shown above (but the continue button is not shown)

Once you have pressed the continue button with no errors you will see this page below.

After you have reviewed this page and it has put in a shipping address that you want to change,

Press the underlined change word  this will allow you to change the ship to address 



Once you have clicked on the underlined change word you would see your address with at top right  add an address.


Once you click on add an address you will see this screen below to fill out.



Once you fill in the new shipping address  you will click on the save button as displayed above.

If you want to put a message in with your order to the person you are sending it to or tell us something click on the "note to seller" add

There will be another box that will open up. In that box it will allow you to put your information;

such as a note for us to include to the receiver of your order, or a message to us to tell us something such as ship at a later date.

Once you are done with that box click on the save button you will then be brought back to the screen below.



Always check off you contact phone number information it makes it easier for us to contact you in the event there is a question with your order.




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